What Makes A Successful Blog Design?

What Makes A Successful Blog Design?

Blogs usually come with ready made blog templates or designs which are actually pretty nice but customization is always a must. Customizing your site to fit your personality and the subject of the blog would help get readers in the mood to read as well as catching their interest. So, if you are looking for ways to maximize your profits even more through choosing the right blog design, then look no further than the tips I have below.

The first of which would be including an “about me” space on your blog’s sidebar. Remember to keep it simple and avoid making it seem like a resume. Just a simple description of you and the things you are interested in would do just fine. Why put this up? Because people who are interested in your blog and what you are talking about would also be interested in getting to know the person behind the blog so having something like that helps.

Another thing is to have your email address visible in your blog. A great tip to avoid spammers is to use a graphic for this instead of just plain text. Though your readers might not really contact you, having that on your blog adds more credibility.

Pictures are also great additions. A nice photo of yourself would further your credibility and potentially get you more readers. Of course, everyone likes a friendly face and when they connect your face to the informative articles you have up, it makes them feel more familiar with you. Thus building up their trust in your blog and in the things you recommend.

Of course, some of your posts would end up more popular than the others. These are your “classic” posts and you shouldn’t just let them be buried under the new posts. Create a link on your side bar that puts emphasis on these popular posts. These would get more people to your blog and to your other less noticed articles as well.

Next, you wouldn’t want to have a blog banner that eats up too much space. A nice graphic that has the name of your blog is good enough. Make sure that its not too distracting so that you readers won’t lose focus. Having a banner that’s too big would distract them and potentially annoy them as well that they move on to another blog without even reading your posts. That’s a client you just lost.

Lastly, make sure your blog is visually attractive. No neon colors and make sure your posts are legible. Meaning, they are in the proper and standard font size of 12. Also make sure that your posts are the center of attention. So don’t clutter your blog with too many add-ons such as games, videos and music. This would distract your reader and he or she might just play the games you have or watch the videos instead of reading your posts and clicking on your ads.

Remember, the point here is to get them to read and the convince them to buy or join whatever you might be promoting. But if they are distracted by other things that you have on your blog, then you won’t make any profit at all.

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