Want to do business – start one first!

Want to do business – start one first!

What is it that separates a hobbyist trying to make some cash and businessman, trying to make a living? It is clearly the mindset. If two people do the same thing, it does not mean the results will be the same.

Learning the skills needed to perform your hobby and make financial gain from it is a must. However, turning your hobby into a business requires another sets of actions altogether. And some of it may be fairly expensive. There is no free lunch in the business world. Think of it as a price you pay to truly move forward. Consider it a price you pay for leaving the crowd of hobbyists and wannabes. Think if it, as an INVESTMENT!

Recently, I came across this wonderful article and it goes into details of setting up your own business. A must read for anyone who is serious about starting up his own business. That article has it all, so no need to repeat what was already said. Just remember, it’s not a child’s play anymore. It’s a business, and you are in it to do BUSINESS. Even if you want to do your business just part-time, you still need to follow through. The only difference between your part-time business and full-time one is the number of hours you have available. The action and the mindset needs to stay the same. After all, let’s be honest – everyone starting up part time business, dreams about pushing the business further than just a side-income generator. In fact, this can be one of the goals you set for yourself. Nothing says you are serious about your venture more than written goal. So write it down. Write down everything you want to accomplish with your business. Write down a time-line. Don’t just say “soon” or “sometimes”. Be specific. This is nothing new, every motivational speaker will tell you exactly that. Yet, so few people actually do it.

And here lies the problem. You have all the resources and advice available to you. They are all over the Internet, or, just make the necessary phone calls. It is the implementation that makes the difference. Everyone can read the said article, thus having all the info they need to get them started. But are you ready to implement that advice, or will you just ‘keep it in mind’? You know you need to register your business, you know you need to open a business account, you know you need to set goals, set budget, and you know you need to take a massive action. But are you actually doing any of it? Don’t just collect the information thinking you will implement it when you are ready. Don’t be an information hoarder! Information is useless without action. Implement what you learn, or you will be miles away from being a true businessman.

If you are determined to be a business owner, take action and set up your business first. Not later, not next week. That is hobbyist’s attitude. Take action. Make the leap. Now we’re talking business.

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