Renovation of the Milking palour at Egerton

The Dairy Train Program saw the total and complete renovation of the milking palour at Egerton University.

The palour was in a pathetic condition not forgetting that it was the only and the main milking palour at the University, producing milk for both the University and the surrounding environs.

Being the only milking palour at the University, with the large population of people to be served by the milk produced therein, something really had to be done and it is with a big thank you to the Dairy Train Program for it could not come at a better time.

All corners of the building were painted, better roofing was done, ventilations were inserted too and clear passages for the cows including spacious partitions were created.

All these were done within a span of a very short period of time, and the palour was ready for use in a more better and advanced manner.

It cannot go without saying that the palour has now met the required standards, serving the University and the community at large with ease, with large amounts of milk being produced without delay or failure.

The introduction of technologically advanced machines in the palour has posed as a great advantage to the workers therein; they have something to smile about.

Looking at how work has been made easier for them, they have been enhanced to produce large amounts of milk at a faster speed and rate. They now have the joy and pleasure of serving their customers satisfactorily without any waste of time.

It is evident that they are now enjoying what they are doing more than ever before without complaining.

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