Renewable Energy – How It Can Help Save The World

Renewable Energy – How It Can Help Save The World

Renewable energy is a form of energy that can be generated from a number of different natural resources. These renewable resources come from wind, water, rain, sunlight and geothermal heat. Currently around 20 per cent of the world’s energy comes from the renewable energy sources. The vast majority of this comes from burning wood. The second most common form of renewable energy that is in use in the world today comes from hydroelectricity which provides three per cent of the world’s electricity.

Although it is proving controversial, wind power is becoming rapidly more popular these days. This type of renewable energy comes from wind farms, huge areas of land which are given over to dozens of wind turbines. Because of the relatively small amount of energy produced by wind turbines, they require a great deal of space to produce a worthwhile amount of power. This can severely damage local environments, however, they can also be placed its sea in certain cases.

Hydroelectricity is derived from water. Examples of this include water wheels and water mills. One of the best things about hydroelectric power, is that it is effective and relatively cheap to run. These days and supplies 19% of the electricity and the whole world. There are a number of things that can supply hydroelectricity such as tidal power and wave power.

Energy from water is called hydroelectricity. This kind of energy is created by way of water wheels and water mills and dams. The biggest advantage of a hydroelectric power, is that it is relatively cheap to produce and also brings us a lot of power, currently supplying the world with 19% of its electricity. Hydroelectric power can also come from waves and the force of the tides.

Biofuel is also emerging as another reliable form of the renewable energy. In contrast of fossil fuels, which are derived from long dead organic matter, biofuel comes from recently dead biological objects. Today, there are even a number of cars which have a dual fuel system, with the ability to run on certain types of biofuel.

Finally, geothermal energy is another form of a highly effective renewable energy. This type of energy comes directly from tapping into the heat of the planet itself. Unfortunately building geothermal energy power stations is not cheap, but they are cheap to run and they produce a lot of electricity.

Currently the market for renewable energy is rapidly expanding with many organizations capitalizing on the growing industry. industry is one of the fastest growing, increasing at an amazing rate of 30% per year. Domestic solar power is also becoming more and more popular.

These are worrying times for the world today. With the rapidly growing population, comes a far higher need for energy and we are rapidly running out of non Renewable Sources of energy. However, it gives us hope to know that the industry of renewable energy is rapidly increasing and at last governments and individuals are starting to do something about the problem.

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