How To Reset Windows 10 Without Password

How To Reset Windows 10 Without Password

Windows 10 is an operating system that comes pre-installed on new computers and laptops. The OS offers features such as Cortana, Edge, and a “resume from where you left off” option. The OS has received mixed reviews with some people loving it while others don’t. One of the most common complaints is that they can’t reset their password without knowing their old password. Here is how to do that in just a few steps!

What is a reset?

A reset is a system function that resets the password to the default, which is usually “admin” or “123456.” If you change your password recently and forgot your old one, you may be able to use this option to get back in.

How to reset Windows 10 without password

If you are experiencing a problem with your Windows 10 computer or laptop, you can reset the password as long as you know your old password. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Get a blank piece of paper and write down your current password somewhere secure.

2. Click on “Start” → “Settings”. On the Settings screen, click on “Accounts”, then on “Sign-in options”.

3. On the “Sign-in options” page, turn off all of the checkboxes except for “Use my sign-in info to finish setting up my device”.

4. Click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the window and restart your computer if prompted.

5. When you first login again, Windows will ask for your account password again and this time it will not ask for a login PIN number nor will it ask for confirmation. You’ll now be logged into your device with a blank password!

Why do you have to reset your password?

If you forget your password, you’ll need to reset it by following these steps:

– Open the Start menu with Windows 10.

– Click on the Settings icon.

– Click on the Change Password button.

– Enter your old password and retype it twice.

– Type in your new password three times.

– Click on the “Confirm” button to finish changing your password.

How do you reset a locked Windows 10?

If you are locked out of your computer, you can reset the password without knowing your old password. Here is how to do that:

1. Open up Start Menu.

2. Type “Building” and hit Enter on your keyboard.

3. Go into the Windows 10 folder, then open Services and Applications folder.

4. Search for “Credential Manager”.

5. Right-click on the service and select “Run as administrator”.

6. In the window that opens, click “Change Password” in the bottom left corner of the screen>

7. Input a new password for your account with at least 8 characters and 1 number>

8. Click “OK” and you should be able to log back in!

How do I bypass the password on Windows 10?

1. Press the Windows logo key and R at the same time until the “Command Prompt” window appears.

2. Type in: slui 3

3. Hit Enter on your keyboard to run the command.

4. You will see a list of installed updates with a check box next to “Reset Windows Password.” Click on it to begin.

5. Follow prompts and enter your old password when prompted to do so, then hit Next twice to finish resetting your password!

FAQs on How To Reset Windows 10 Without Password

Q: How do I reset my Windows 10 password without knowing my old password?

A: In order to reset your password, you need to know the current password. You can click “Forgot your password?” on the login screen and then enter the email address associated with your Microsoft account. From here you will find a link on the right-hand side of the page that allows you to reset your password without knowing your old password.


If you’re having trouble getting into your account, here’s how to reset your password on Windows 10.

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