How To Recover Data From A Crashed Hard Disk

How To Recover Data From A Crashed Hard Disk

It seems like your computer is running better than ever, but then all of the sudden you realize that you can’t access any of your data. You might have lost everything from your recent work to your most cherished personal files. What do you do when this happens? Here are some tips on how to recover data from a crashed hard disk using both software and hardware solutions.

Your Computer Has Crashed

It’s a common thing for your computer to crash, and it happens more often than you might think. If you’re lucky, you can recover your data from a crashed hard disk.

To start with, there are two different methods to try when recovering data from a crashed hard disk: software and hardware solutions.

What To Do If Your Data Was Lost

If you’re looking for software solutions to recover the lost data, there are many options. One option would be to try using a program like Recuva or File Recovery Toolbox. These programs have been proven to work with file types such as DOC, XLS, and PSD. If you’re looking for hardware methods of recovering your lost data, you can use a flash drive or external hard drive to save your files. If those don’t work and your computer is still running on the same hard disk that crashed, then you’ll need to get a new hard disk or memory card for your computer.

What Causes Hard Disk Failure?

When a hard disk crashes, there are a variety of causes. Some of the most common causes include power surges, software corruption, and hardware failure. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to recover your files with software solutions. For example, if you try to use Windows Explorer and it tells you that the disk is not accessible, try using a file recovery tool like Recuva or Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery to see if your files have been saved somewhere else on your computer. It’s also possible that there isn’t a file recovery application that can help you recover your data. If this is the case, you might want to consider using software or hardware solutions. One way to recover data from a crashed hard disk is by purchasing an external hard drive to transfer the necessary files onto. This solution would require some technical knowledge on how to use external hard drives with Windows and Mac OS systems. Another solution would be by replacing your old computer with a new one. This option would require spending more money upfront but could save valuable time in the long run if your old computer was unable to access any of your important work again.

Software Solutions For Recovering Deleted Files

If you run a Windows operating system, you can use the Recovery Environment (Windows 10) to recover deleted files from a crashed hard disk. This software is highly reliable and offers options for recovery, such as copying data from your computer’s memory or scanning your hard drive for deleted files. Another option is using the built-in Disk Utility that comes with Mac OS X. In order to use this software, you will need an external hard drive though.

If you’ve lost all of your data on a crashed computer, there is still a slim chance that you might be able to recover some of it. If the crash happened less than 30 days ago, the chances of recovering at least some of your data are good. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re backing up your important files in case you lose any more data in the future.

Hardware Solutions For Recovering Deleted Files

You can use a software program like Recuva to try to recover your data from a crashed hard disk. It might not be an ideal solution for every situation, but it’s worth a shot.

Another option is to create another computer that has a working operating system and use the original computer as a backup.

If all else fails, you can always send your hard disk to a professional data recovery company. They will scan through the contents of the hard disk and see if anything is salvageable. If nothing is found, they will take it back with no questions asked.

Using a USB Drive to Recover Data

If you suspect your hard disk is failing, the first thing you should try is to recover your data using a USB drive. It’s a simple solution that works well in some situations. It’s best to use a USB drive that has more than one gigabyte of storage space.

To begin, connect your hard disk to its own power supply and then disconnect it from the computer. If you’re dealing with an external hard disk, see if any cables are still attached and remove them as well.

Plug your USB drive into an available port on the computer and turn on the device by holding down the power button for five seconds.

If it can’t read the drive automatically, open Windows Explorer or Finder and select “This PC.” From there, select “Devices” and find your hard disk device in order to mount it automatically so you can access it. In most cases, this process will take less than five minutes without any issues.

After mounting it manually, click on “Computer” in the sidebar of Windows Explorer or Finder. Scroll down until you see “Recover files.” This option will allow you to preview all of the files that are stored on your hard disk in case they were backed up somewhere else.

Using a New Hard Disk to Recover Data

For those that have lost data, a new hard disk may be the solution. If you have some old hard disks laying around, you can use them as backups in case something happens to your current one. If you don’t have any old hard disks, then buying a new one is your only option.

If you decide to purchase a new hard disk, make sure that it doesn’t contain any viruses or malware before using it. When installing the new hard disk into your computer, turn off power completely before plugging in and turning on again at the end of the installation process. This will ensure that there are no viruses or malware that could affect your computer.


How can I recover my data from a crashed hard disk?

The best way to recover data from a crashed hard disk is to use software. There are many programs that are designed for this purpose, and you’ll be able to find one that will work for your situation. You’ll need to locate the file or files you want to recover and then open the software in order to see if there’s any information in the file you can get back. If not, then your next option would be hardware recovery solutions like data recovery services or, if it’s possible, a new computer.

If your computer crashed and you didn’t have a backup, how long will it take before I’m able to access my files again?

You should try recovering your files as soon as possible because they could still be there on the drive. The longer you wait after a crash, the harder it is going to be for you to retrieve them.


You can’t recover data from a crashed hard disk without a backup. To recover data from a crashed hard disk, use one of the following solutions:

1. Use software solutions to recover lost files

2. Use hardware solutions to recover lost files

3. Use a USB drive to recover files

4. Use a new hard disk to recover files

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