Free Hundreds of Backlinks to Your Website the Easy Way

Free Hundreds of Backlinks to Your Website the Easy Way

If you own a website, chances are that you know the importance of link popularity and that it plays a crucial role in how your website performs in terms of search engine ranking. This is especially true for the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing(MSN). The general rule is the more backlinks to your website, the higher your website ranking will be. This is because the search engines think that if a lot of sites are linking to your webpage then it must be important. Obviously there are other factors that will affect your website ranking, some are very important but we will focus on getting backlinks for your search engine optimization efforts.

Another note about backlinks is that it is important to get backlinks from high PR (pagerank) websites. I will show you 3 easy steps to get backlinks from high PR websites without the countless manual hours that other webmsaters go through in surfing the web for these high PR sites. Once you implement these FREE, esay steps, you will start to receive targeted traffic from these high PR websites.

1. Article creation
The first step is to write an related article about your product, service, or information that your website
provide. Provide engaging content that draws the reader’s attention. Once you do that it is only natural for a interested reader to click through to your website to find out more about your product or service. The key for a submitted article to an article directory is the ability to put your website URL in the “Resource Box”. A perfect example is eZineArticles. Once your article is published you will get an instant backlink from eZineArticles to your website. There are hundreds of article directories to choose from on the Internet.

2. Article Submission
Submit your article to article directories. More and more websites go live everyday. The webmasters for these websites are hungry to fresh, quality content to provide to their audiences. There are literally hundreds of articles directories you can publish your articles on. Where does the hundreds of backlinks come in? Well, when someone chooses to publish your article in their newsletter or on their website, blog or article directory, they MUST add your ‘Resource Box’ with your website information and URL. So the more people that publish your article the more backlinks you get. This is no additional work involved. The only caution is that you must write original, high quality content for your article. This will increases the number of webmasters that will publish your content.

3. Submit RSS Feeds
Create your own RSS Feed for your articles. RSS stands for “Real Simple Syndication”, and the .XML extension is the format used for distributing your news headlines via the Web, known as “Syndication”.

Syndication is where the TRUE power of RSS is unleashed, getting your message or information across the web in an INSTANT to websites, subscribers and/or readers who subscribed to your RSS Feed. If you have a blog it is simple since all blogs have RSS feeds by default. Once you have added your RSS feed all you have to do now is submit your new RSS Feed to RSS Directories and RSS Search Engines. A resource to get you started is

Once you followed these free, simple steps, you should start to see a traffic increase to your website via hundreds of backlinks.

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