BeautyFix Box for Month July 2015 Review

BeautyFix Box for Month July 2015 Review

Hey all… so finally I am getting couple of subscription boxes. I used to enjoy fabbag back in India a lot!!! And I was kind of missing it here.. So guess what! I subscribed for 7-8 boxes [:P] so here is the first one for month of July that I am going to review.

BeautyFix Box from Dermstore can be bought online on dermstore website. If you take a 12 month subscription you will be billed 24.95 USD every month. You also have an option to buy just one box which will cost you 34.95USD. They provide free shipping in USA. But when I bought this box it was at 12.95USD!!!

BeautyFix Box is considered to be one of the costliest subscription boxes They provide products over $100 worth and the brand selection is wider. They provide you with 10 samples which are of different brands. Once ordered they ship out the box within 1-3 working days which takes around 3-4 days to reach you.

So here’s the snapshot of the box I received.

It’s a sturdy cardboard box which is medium in size and there is this amazing quote mentioned inside “Go Ahead Be Beautiful”. So without wasting any more time I am putting up pics and info regarding the products which I received.

So I got 10 products which are deluxe samples and these are from different brands.

Following are the products that I received:

* My thought: this sample will last me for 3 uses, being a completely new brand for me I would love to try this out.

* My thought: I am not much into getting curls. My hair is already wavy and I am keen on trying products that help me straighten the hair while protecting them from damage. I wont use this probably.

* My thought: It will last me for 3 uses and it’s skin care. So I would be glad to try it out.

* My thought: Super happy to try this out. It will last for around 4-5 uses.

* My thought: I just love lip products so I will keep this in my bag. It’s a kind of lipbalm.

* My thought: Moisturizers are best to try out! This will last me for 2-3 uses.

* My thought: I haven’t tried Bliss products so would be happy to try it out plus I love buying masks which help in getting rid of dull skin.

* My thought: So I don’t prefer much of beauty tools in a beauty box but am quite happy to get these pro clips.

* My thought: A mineral based product is great for skin, but this one is soap so am quite skeptical about using it since I feel it might be quite drying for the skin.

* My thought: This is a full sized product! And I always love to give my lashes a fuller look so yay for that.

Now guess what, I got an extra product too which was not on their list. So here they are:

* My thought: I just got my hair colored so would be interested to try this product.

* My thought: I got two tiny tubes of these which will last for around 4-5 uses! So way to go…

My opinion for Beautyfix Box:

Overall I loved the box. There are different brands which can be tried out plus all this in 12.95 USD is amazing. But then if I would have got this at 24.95 USD it would have been kind of pricey for me. There are many more subscription boxes which are available at price of 10-15$ and have good products. For now I am continuing this subscription and I will keep you guys updated with upcoming boxes as well!

IGB Rating: 4/5

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