Why blogging for bucks is not as easy as it seems

Why blogging for bucks is not as easy as it seems

We all have seen that conundrum where as we have been blogging for several months and we haven’t made any noticeable amount of money yet.   I was reading The 7 Harsh Realities of Blogging for Bucks and after reading I thought someone people might need a little more direction on the topic.

Consider all income streams!

Just because you have a blog and have affiliate links doesn’t always make money.   You have to up sell your website to potential advertisers.   Although this can be quite easy because having a blogging guide can really help your blog succeed.  Sit down and write out your income manifesto.   This can be anything from how you are wanting to bring in income to what you want to write about.   Affiliate marketing is a dubious thing, no matter how hard you try it can bring in even more stress and questions.   So you have to figure out what you are wanting to do with your blog.

Just because you can blog doesn’t mean automatic comissions!

I have found out this all too well and why sometimes Accidental blogging works really well .   I started blogging Sept 23, 2007 and I haven’t made as much money as I thought I would by now.   This is because when I first started blogging, I had this dream that I would make money just because people would click my links and that Word of Mouth Marketing would become popular and people would come to my site just because people recommended my site.   That seemed to of failed but thanks to Gail Gardener over at Growmap who talks about link building, I have learned some very interesting things.

Blogs come and Go and so does Links!

Just because you have a link from a website last week doesn’t mean that site will have your link this week.   Most of the times sites go into nothingness because blog owners get tired of not earning enough to continue to keep a domain.    Don’t depend on a link to keep your coming back to your site.   You also need to start making Link Anchors for your sites.    Search Engine Algorithms put a lot of weight on those blogs that actually use the correct link anchors.  Figure out your Link building strategies and start building a relationship with other blogs and authors!

Build Relationships with other blog owners

We all know that having links come back is something we all call link love, and that helps our searches get higher on google then if we didn’t build links.   You can find people who have the same interests and same niche can help build your search rank even higher.   Don’t worry about competition because we all have something we want to sell.   If you have someone who has similar interest consider guest blogging on their site and vice versa.   This will increase your readerships and also keep your site fresh and new.

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