Result Areas

Result area 1: Organizational strengthening and capacity building

Organizational structures and management mechanisms reviewed, and measures for strengthening identified, planned and implemented.

Strengthened capacity of management and staff for organizational management, education, training, use of ICT, research, and outreach, in line with EGU’s and DTI’s vision and mission and the needs of the dairy sector.

Gender policies to strengthen the position of female staff and students and mainstream gender issues in education, research and outreach formulated and implemented.

EGU and DTI work complementary to each other and make effective use of each other’s knowledge, competences and facilities to improve efficiency and facilitate the academic advancement of students (from certificate to diploma to BSc and MSc level (was 1.5).

Upgraded DTI and EGU training, research and outreach facilities, including ICT, laboratory and plant equipment (Indicators: upgraded facilities, DTI website) (was 1.6).

Result area 2: Educational development

EGU and DTI curricula updated and/or newly developed with increased attention for entrepreneurship, gender sensitivity, and practical application to meet the needs of the DVC at Certificate, Diploma, BSc levels.

Internship program reviewed, re-structured and revamped for market relevance and greater stakeholder involvement.

Quality assurance of dairy curricula benchmarked, discussed and adopted with engagement of stakeholders.

Result area 3: Research and linkage development

EGU and DTI have strengthened co-operation with other dairy training institutes and stakeholders, leading to demand-driven research and education. The roles and responsibilities in the DVC will be clear and collaboration will produce added value.

EGU and DTI have undertaken best / good practices studies in the DVC, translated the outcomes into guidelines for extension services for smallholders, and shared the outcomes with stakeholders to improve productivity, quality and competitiveness . These activities will be linked to existing extension/outreach activities they already do (organizations of field days, seminars, etc.) – or will focus on strengthening the relationship with the existing agricultural extension service.

A cross disciplinary network of expertise is established to promote interdisciplinary cooperation and peer support in the DVC.

Result area 4: Project management

EGU and DTI manage the activities in an effective and efficient way.

The consortium (WUR, SNV, AERES) manage the activities in an effective and efficient way.

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