Regional Conference On Dairy Education and Training in Africa

The 2015 regional conference on transforming the dairy sector in Africa through education and training aims to provide a platform for dairy farmers, extension staff and other practitioners, educators and trainers in the dairy sub-sector together with all stakeholders along the dairy value chain in Africa and beyond to actively participate, and share findings and experiences, while at the same time learning lessons towards effectively transforming the dairy sector into a competitive economic sector. The 2015 regional conference therefore provides dairy farmers, the industry, institutions of higher learning, local and international development agencies with an opportunity to review the current status of the dairy education and training in Africa, assess the progress made so far in the dairy sub-sector through training and education and lessons to be learnt from similar curricula from Europe. This will help to develop strategies to overhaul the training needs of Africa’s institutions to facilitate economic growth in the dairy sub-sector. The conference targets local, regional and international dairy farmers, experts, practitioners, researchers involved in dairy curriculum development and training.

The overall theme for the conference was “Transforming Dairy Education and Training for Health and Wealth in Africa”

The presentation were categorized as per the sub-themes as follows;

Sub-theme: Status of Dairy Education and Training in Africa
Chair: Dr. Mary Ambula (Kenya)

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