Mobile broadband is a wireless, Internet service available for your Computer or laptop, which can be portable as to wherever you may go! Mobile broadband can be served through a variety of ways such as a data card, a modem, or a USB stick. Via a USB stick is the most popular option available in this Century. It is very simple to operate. To operate you would need to insert the stick into a USB slot and then install the software provided with the service provider and connect to them via a dial up service. The stick contains a SIM card, like that of a Mobile telephone and you would connect to the service provider, providing there was signal to the service.

The actual term for this little stick is called a dongle. A dongle can come in various shapes and sizes although generally now for ease they are manufactured as a stick no more than about 3 inches long. Which offers you the freedom of fewer wires around your computer.

There are still places that do not offer free Wif-i. Such places as elderly relatives homes who may not have anything remotely modern let alone a computer, my garden or even the pub! This is a great invention for today and it is something that I use myself. This allows me to make my laptop portable wherever I may go and still be able to surf the net. For instance, now the summer is coming I can take my laptop with me in my garden. I can sit outside and sunbathe whilst surfing the net. I can do this without the worry, of losing connection due to being too far away from the Internet hub. What a better way to relax and surf, than to sit on a home P.C. indoors and miss the glorious days to come! Not only that, I can also take my laptop around with me. So I could meet friends at the pub, or take my laptop travelling around the UK or simply in the kitchen whilst I am cooking. The possibilities are endless.

Each mobile provider would offer you a range of services available to you. Some offer a pay as you go option, which would be ideal for low infrequent users. Or pay a monthly price, which may suit the medium to heavy user. Some offer just a 1G option, which might be ideal for the novice user. A 5G – 10G service for the medium user. Or perhaps 15G + for the heavy user. It is advisable to look at the charges, if you should happen to go over your monthly allowance, as sometimes this may not be the cheapest solution.

As with all the providers they will offer a contract such as a 12-month, 18-month or a 24-month contract. So it is advisable to be wary of what you are signing up for. Before taking out the contract it is advisable to check which supplier can offer you the best coverage as to where you live.

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