Dairytrain Inception Workshop

The workshop took place at Egerton University. Representatives from implementing agencies participated in the workshop who included, Alberto Giani – CDI, Simone Van Vugt –CDI, Prof A.K Kahi – EGU, Wilson Munene – EGU and John Kabize – DTI. The workshop was mainly a review of the strides that the programme had made during this year. The team went ahead to plan for upcoming activities in the next pr...[Read More]

Students and Staffs get Laptops and Computers

Under the Dairy Train programme, both students and staffs involved in the programme were provided with laptops and computers respectively. Students often need to work at their own pace in their own way. These laptops have become student’s assistant for thinking, analysing, connecting, collaborating, producing and researching. Their laptops have provided them with access to information, thinking, l...[Read More]

Renovation of The Milking Palour at Egerton

The Dairy Train Program saw the total and complete renovation of the milking palour at Egerton University. The palour was in a pathetic condition not forgetting that it was the only and the main milking palour at the University, producing milk for both the University and the surrounding environs. Being the only milking palour at the University, with the large population of people to be served by t...[Read More]

Regional Conference On Dairy Education and Training in Africa

The 2015 regional conference on transforming the dairy sector in Africa through education and training aims to provide a platform for dairy farmers, extension staff and other practitioners, educators and trainers in the dairy sub-sector together with all stakeholders along the dairy value chain in Africa and beyond to actively participate, and share findings and experiences, while at the same time...[Read More]

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