Article Marketing In 2020

Many people new to the world of online marketing, affiliate marketing and SEO are told by countless ‘gurus’ to continually create and add unique content to article directories such as Ezine Articles, Go Articles and so on.

Years ago, this was a shrewd method to obtain traffic to your website, not only through direct visitors to your articles on these sites, but it was also beneficial for SEO and backlink purposes by adding a keyword rich anchor text link in your biography box. Over the last 5 or so years, article sites such as Ezine (the web’s most popular article directory) have been totally bombarded with people cottoning onto this method and now these websites host hundreds of thousands of obvious article marketing examples.

Where’s the best home for your content? Ezine or elsewhere…

In fact it seems that the only users on such websites now are article marketers themselves and not so much ‘real’ users looking for genuine information. While many artiles do offer some value, the majority are now consist of poor quality content that is simply designed and exists for readers to click through the affiliate link.

So is it worthwhile continuing with article marketing in 2010? I would say yes, but only if you know exactly what you are doing. To get traffic and sales through a site like Ezine has become increasingly difficult, especially in the last two years. Yes there are thousands of niches to target but there are also thousands of users uploading hundreds of articles across all niches. It is becoming increasingly difficult for your content to be found. If you add a good backlinking campaign towards your articles and you have an expert author status, you will reap more benefits, however for the average Joe, you may see little or no results.

So where do we take our content if article marketing of yesteryear is becoming less effective? No not alternative article directories, they are all becoming victim of Levitra 10mg their own success. The first port of call is to have the best content on your website or blog. Continually update it with good content using keywords naturally and not stuffed.

After that, you should consider utilising high-profile content syndication. So what’s that exactly?

Find a related website and write for them for traffic – simple!

High-profile content syndication simply means that you add your top content to the biggest and best websites and blogs in your niche rather than to an article directory. For example if I had an article on Social Media (actually I think I do!), then I may consider contacting one of the webs biggest social media websites – Sites like these that are content driven, usually allow guest writers if the content is up to scratch and have massive amounts of traffic.

Just like an article directory, as a thank you for submitting your content and adding value to their website, these sites will allow you to add a small description about yourself similar to a bio box. It’s here you can plug your site but as your content will be added to the front page of a website that has a huge following, you can expect a much bigger click through rate from an authority site like this.

To find a website for high-profile content syndication is easy. Simply go and do a search on Google for your niche and have a look through the results. You will find a suitable partnership in no time.

Here’s a few examples to give you an idea:

So next time you go to submit an article to a directory, wy not consider putting in a little more effort to find a content syndication partner. One article like that can be worth ten Ezine submissions!

Please note that I do not mean to discard article marketing as it still has it’s value if used correctly and is beneficial for link building purposes. Related Posts: Stating The Obvious – Effort Rewards Results Increase Your Exposure to Drive Traffic to Your Website From LinkedIn Make Sure Your Social Media Efforts Are… Erm… Social! Tips For Good Social Media Karma How To Use Stumble Upon For Free Traffic Share

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