8 Steps To Building Your Own High End Computer

8 Steps To Building Your Own High End Computer

Believe it or not, building your own computer is easy if you
apply these 8 steps. I know, you probably think that
building computers are only for «geeks», right? It’s too
much above the average persons head.

Well, I’m here to convince you otherwise, and to show you
the 8 easy steps to building your own computer. Fine, it’s
not as simple as it sounds. But the truth is, it’s not much

What’s more, there’s a lot of help around. Many great
tutorials, a bunch of forums filled with people online 24/7
(that’s free help – no paying an IT 0+ an hour), and
computer parts that are constantly falling down in price. So
here are the eight steps…

1) First you have to set yourself a budget. Do you have 0
or ,000?

2) You need to identify what specific components
help you to do your computer tasks the best. Are you doing
gaming, graphics editing, movie watching? How large is your

3) Pick a general set of parts that you want. For
example, if you want a heavy duty graphics card to do gaming
and video editing on, you can pick whether you want a low
end one, or a high end card, brand name or generic, etc.

4) Make sure that all parts are compatible with each other.
You don’t want to buy your parts, and then realize «shoot,
the motherboard fits only 939 pin CPU’s (that’s AMD
processors), and I got myself a Core 2 Duo. If you are a
little new at the game, I wouldn’t stress about it though.
There are plenty of computer building forums around. You can
just search for «computer forums» on your favorite search
engine. You can also go to Anandtech’s computer forum and
get help if you get confused. I promise though, it’s not
that hard! I know, I wasn’t a «tech geek» when I started

5) Start Price Shopping. Look around on different
sites. My favorite ones are newegg and tigerdirect. However,
I would also search Google product search, as there are some
small sellers that sometimes beat even tigerdirect and

6) Order your parts (that should be pretty simple)

7) Learn How to build your own computer. Building your own
computer is not as hard as you think it is. You can either
read the manuals from the manufacturers. However, for the
uninitiated, that can be a little overwhelming. The guys
down at Corsair put together a great computer building
manual, or if you are more video oriented you can search on
youtube for computer building videos.

Finally, the last and most important step – build your
computer! What is better than the feeling every time you sit down in front of
the computer that you built yourself. How empowering is
it??! – Not to mention time saving.

You’re done. You’ve learned the 8 steps to build your own
computer. Now it’s time you actually do it for yourself.

David Jaeger is Ebay’s Number One Computer Seller Consultant.
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